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September 23, 2021

Examination for Family Reunion Visa for Germany

It is important to Pass the Examination for Family reunion Visa for Germany. The Examination is called as “Start Deutsch 1”. The Examination covers the following modules:

  1. Listening  (hören)
  2. Reading   (lesen)
  3. Writing    (schreiben)
  4. Speaking (sprechen)

In addition to it, the GOETHE Institute in Karachi conducts the Examination all over Pakistan. This Examination in Pakistan is conducted in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

Who requires Start Deutsch 1 Examination?

  • Family Reunion Visa / Spouse Visa Cases
  • Job Seeker Visa Cases
  • Student Visa Cases

When to apply for the Examination in Pakistan?

Depending on certain factors, like the methodology of respective institutes and the entire content / course, the preparation must be done several times before attempting the Examination. The preparation must cover the said Modules. The Institute and the participant(s) must be punctual during the preparation. It is also vital for the Instructor to point out the weak sectors of the Student(s). ). Apart from this, there should be at least 90 Credit Hours for the entire course, which indicates at least one and half hour daily based class.

What Documents are required for the registration of the said Examination?

Documents for GOETHE Exam Registration:

  • Original National Identity Card & original Passport one copy of the N.I.C
  • One copy of the Passport
  • Two Passport sized photograph
  • A valid Passport

Where should I prepare the Examination for Family Reunion Visa in Pakistan?

You can mostly prepare the Examination for Family Reunion Visa for Germany in the following Institutes:

  1. Goethe Institute, Karachi
  2. Annemarrie – Schimmel Haus, Lahore
  3. NUML University, Islamabad
  4. Discover Germany, Islamabad

How long does it take to get an A1 certificate? Applying for an A1 certificate?

For short term secondments/ multi-state employments it can take up to 12 weeks and for long term secondments it can take upto 6 months to obtain an A1 certificate so the application should be made well in advance, if possible.

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Examination for Family Reunion Visa for Germany