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Doing Business in Germany

The country-specific section gives a comprehensive description of German business culture which will help you to interact more effectively with your German clients and colleagues. Although each sub-section on the right focuses on one particular area of business culture in Germany, it is recommended that all of the sections are studied in the order they are shown.

When you have completed the German business culture profile, you may feel you need to learn more about some of the other business cultures you deal with – if so go back to the Countries Home Page and pick another country to study.

According to a study by the Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (BDI, Federation of German Industry), traditional boundaries between industries and sectors could become increasingly irrelevant in the decades to come. In the future, organizations will cooperate across industries and share more and more information, which will result in particular-
ly innovative, sustainable solutions. To that end, the German federal government is implementing special policies for technology and innovation to foster key areas such as energy, biotechnology, production technology, optical technology, micro- and nano-electronics, and information, communication, and aerospace technologies. These policies include the Innovation Strategy from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the German federal government’s High-Techs Strategy, which involves all government ministries.