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University System in Germany

University System in Germany The more choices you have, the harder it is to choose. This especially applies to your situation, as there are so many opportunities to study in Germany.  There are 409 officially recognised institutions of higher education in 165 towns and cities throughout Germany. In total, German universities and colleges offer more Read more about University System in Germany[…]


GERMAN VISA REQUIREMENTS There are more exciting things about moving to Germany than doing the administrative rounds. But look at it this way: it won’t be long now before you’re in Germany working on interesting projects, sitting in a park or rambling in the Black Forest with your family. Your visa application is the first Read more about VISA REQUIREMENTS[…]


To focus on German Language Programs, which are the interdisciplinary study of the contemporary cultural, social, economic and political life of the German-speaking peoples in their historical and international contexts. The German faculty offers a single unified and comprehensive curriculum for language, literature and cultural studies courses. The specific outcome of various German Programs is Read more about OUR VISION[…]

Common Questions for applying for Student VISA for Germany

Important Visa questionsThe following are some of the Common Questions for applying for Student VISA for Germany, that the ambassador asks during the interview for the student visa 1. Why did you choose this university and how did you find about it?Tip: You should go through the website and handbook of your university carefully. Pen Read more about Common Questions for applying for Student VISA for Germany[…]

F A Q s

Question: Bodies responsible for issuing German Visas? Answer: Under German law (section 71 (2) of the Residence Act), responsibility for issuing visas lies with the missions of the Federal Republic of Germany, i.e. its embassies and consulates‑general. In principle, the Federal Foreign Office is not involved in decisions on individual visa applications , nor does Read more about F A Q s[…]

Interview Questions for the German Student Visa

Introductory questions: How are you doing?  (This Question to make you comfortable)  Have you ever been to the respective country before? (This is for the visa officer’s records – If yes then it is advisable to remember the date of last arrival and departure from the country of visa application) Questions on your intention and motivation Read more about Interview Questions for the German Student Visa[…]