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German Student Visa Rejection Cases

If you are of the opinion that the decision of the Embassy was incorrect, please explain in writing, why you have this opinion and request for the re-checking of the rejection of your visa application.You will receive a short explanation in note form regarding the reasons for the rejection of your application when you receive your passport. Please discuss the reasons for rejection in your written request for the checking (remonstration). The processing of a remonstration requires several weeks. The embassy will thereby respond to your remonstration and review the application.

1. Alternative:

  • If we come to the conclusion, that an additional interview could help, we send you a written invitation to an interview.
  • If we can in the course of the discussion follow your reasoning, you will receive a visa.
  • If we cannot follow your reasoning, you will consequently receive a written notice by post, against which you can file a court case against the Federal Republic of Germany with the Administrative Court in Berlin within one month of receipt of the notice. Pursuant to Paragraph 23 Section 1 of the Administrative Procedure Act official language is German. For this reason all notices are to be written in German. If you do not understand German, you can have the notice translated by your sponsor or a professional translator. The Embassy does not provide translation services.

2. Alternative

  • If we are of the opinion, that our decision does not require an additional discussion with you as the applicant, then you will receive a detailed written notice by post, against which you can file a court case against the Federal Republic of Germany with the Administrative Court in Berlin within one month of receipt of the notice.
  • Berlin High court is extreme step, & charge can be as high as 5000 Euros.. and even one CANNOT be sure of getting VISA

In the case that you have received a written notice following the remonstration, you have a period of one month following delivery of the notice to you for the filing of a court case against the Federal Republic of Germany with the Administrative Court in Berlin. Please wait in any case until you have received the notice. You can, alternatively, submit a new application and should hereby respond especially to the reasons for the rejection of your previous application and try to clear these up through the submission of the appropriate documents.

German Student Visa Rejection Cases

Question: Hi! My name is Adeel.  I am from Karachi. I applied for a German students visa for bachelors at Karachi consulate and then it got rejected.There was some issue with the fund. Even though I have deposited 8500 euros in my local account it wasn’t blocked. This happened in 27-11-2013. And later again on 12th of Feb. 2014 after shifting my admission in language school to March I attended the visa interview for a second time. I have an A1 certificate. It has been 8 weeks after my interview.Still no news from the consulate. Should I just wait and expect the visa or …. Could you help me to know about it???? Is there a possibility to get visa at a second chance.

Moreover, the thing is that am supposed to do a language course upto level C2 when I reach in Germany. So I was informed that A1 was more than enough. Here i contacted with the consulate two days before they told me that they are waiting for the visa approval from Germany. What do that mean?

Answer: Only funds are not important for the visa. There are many factors. For bachelors they mostly ask for German at level B1 , I think you have to wait and sadly there is no other way. You might want to contact the local Auslanderbehoerde in the town your college is in and ask about it , but no guarantee. Visa isn’t approved by Embassy or consulate. They send documents back to Germany where many authorities check and if they approve it , consulate give you visa other wise not. If they say A1 is enough , then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Question: Please tell me the procedure of closing the student bank account from Germany and how money will transfer please tell me the procedure. I am from Pakistan (Lahore). My visa is rejected after 2 months waiting from German Embassy.. please tell me as soon as possible

Answer: Send Fax/Post to the Deutsche Bank in Germany , with a note from the Embassy that your visa is rejected and you should be given the money back. Also provide A bank account in Pakistan with all details such as swift code etc where the money needs to be transferred.

Question: I have submitted my file on 20 march 2014, (Karachi consulate), with SRH university Heidelberg, my course is applied computer science, I called today to the consulate regarding status of my German student visa, he told me that you will receive a letter from German embassy within 15 may,….is it a rejection?
However, I don’t know why they rejected,. i have 10 backlogs during bachelor’s. is it the reason….i have given a good interview there and cleared my intention there that i will come back after studies to Pakistan, so please tell me whether low marks in BE and backlogs are the culprit.

Answer: There can be numerous reasons. The Forgein office may have rejected it. The state didnt see your profile fitting for their future needs , or you had some problem with you interview / documents. Ask embassy for the reasons. but let the letter come first. see what they think.

Question: I got my VISA for Master’s degree at Uni Magdeburg…..At another university I have got admission on Bachelor degree too ….I prefer to study on Bachelor than Master’s degree because I am eager to change my field of study…. Is it possible to change the VISA status from Master’s to Bachelor after going to Germany….? Please help me

Answer: We never had such case. But i think you can , But come to Germany first and then try to ask about it.

Question: Please throw some lite on this one. in case if company is moved or is closed,(its not good that you remove things from your CV b.c they match your CV with the one u sent to university , if they find any change they reject visa and also admission letter.said by many people.) I don’t know how true is this thing ,,are the consulate or embassy ask the univ to handover the CV of candidate to cross match , one is feared from if removes its problem , not removed then its a problem what should be done then . dear in my case it was my mistake that I sent all three experience letters to the univ that I have applied in good faith .. but now i have come to know one company is been moved or closed. i phone them but no response what if they go there n finds no one they straight away will reject visa for fake work experience. what should I do in the first place? remove tht exp from cv given to embassy submit the same cv as submitted to univ? reply please . I m from Karachi and these days it come to notice about embassy/consulate are doing strict verification for that they make personal visit to candidate house and offices where he worked checking attendance records, asking about candidate in the neighborhood. and they are charging 30k extra for this.

Answer: 1) Was your certificate genuine?

2) Your university CANNOT share your data with anyone else, ALL embassy/German Govt. can do is to verify your admission with the university

3) If your certificate was genuine and should your visa get rejected , You should appeal against the decision , make sure you have documents / contacts from the past job to verify that you had been working there and now the company is closed.

Question: Sir, my intention is to apply in uni of applied science( osnabruck) in master program , that’s admission starts from 1st feb 2015. i have zero knowledge of procedure of visa..especially the bank accounts complications. My friend told me that i need to open a bank account in Germany bank before applying with 8000 that true ? if yes what is the procedure . do i even need to open a account before applying in university. or pakistani bank account statement is enough ?

Secondly the university site states that if i could present English proficiency certificate i don’t need to do IELTS ? and in last in Germany can i easily find part time job to cover up my expense?

Answer: You do not need the bank account information for admission. You would need to deposit a 8000 Euro in German bank and block it for a persiod of 1 year before you apply for visa.

The university may waive your english language requirements but you will still need IELTS 6 for visa. For further information please Check the german embassy islamabad , website. For jobs , you would need to speak good german and it depends where you live etc!.

Question: I am Nouman, a student at the AID Berlin (Akademie für Illustration und Design Berlin). I applied for the Schengen Study visa on September 16th. However, I have not received an answer back.
I would like to ask you if there is any chance to accelerate the process. I understand that it depends on the German side to issue a Visa. However my course at the Academy already has been started (The opening day – 27th September) and unfortunately due to my visa condition I am late to start the study at the scheduled time.

Please make my situation into consideration and give me an information, what can i do in this situation.

Answer: There is hardly anything you can do but please read below some of the things you can do about it

1) Contact the auslanderbehorde (foriegner office ) of the town your school is in
2) Ask your course co-ordinator to give you an extension letter and perhaps request them to ask about your visa status

Question: Is there still a fixed number of students visa to go Germany …or now, it is free of number…? or, is the embassy giving visa without a limit? please let me know

Answer: There is no fixed number. As a rule of EU , whoever fullfills the visa criteria SHOULD be issued visa , but it doesnt always happen. In recent times , sometimes who have everything in order are also sometimes turned down so.. it really depends. PS: there is no official number for number of visa’s granted!

Question: I am 36 years and want to pursue an MBA in Germany. I already have an MBA and have been working in Dubai but would like to enhance my skills plz let me know the chances of visa rejection,is it worth applying. I am also ready to take up Phd programs if required .Which would be advisable.

Answer: I don’t think it’s worth it, they would simply ask you to apply for a Ph.D. The chances of getting a visa are pretty thing. Take a Phd Programe and apply , you will have better chances.

Question: I have applied for German student visa of Germany on 18 March. I have done BSCS and got admission in automotive software engineering. A month has passed but stil i havn’t got any reply.and i am female.what are my chance

Answer: you still have time then, they usually take 4-8 weeks for processing a visa application.

Question: Please I have applied for studies in Germany for October.. the Deutsche Bank has confirmed the receipt of a blocked account deposit .. my first embassy appearance has been confirm on July 07.15 .. but trying to book for a second appointment and the link is saying that there are no appointments till 12.12.15..I’m very worried cause my schools are starting in October and it usually takes 4-8 weeks for visa processing… pls I need your advice on what can be done..cause i may be late

Answer: I think you still have alot of time. Dont worry you will get the time. Even if you dont have the statement , show them the proof that you will submit in few days and i think you would be good to go.

Question: Please I had my interview on the 1st of April. I funded my account on the 16th and got a confirmation email that it has been funded and my application has been forwarded to the aliens authority for approval. After waiting for up to 4weeks after that email, I contacted the alien office to ask, and they said they haven’t gotten my documents. After finally getting to the federal office, it was said that my application was sent from cologne to Bochum since the 20th. Noe the alien office said its lost and its strange, so they have to ask the embassy to send it again. My late enrolment dates are may 20-22. Also my school has agreed to let me start in winter since I’ve missed lectures so much, but please what is my stand, will I still get the visa as it is clearly not my fault. Also my school said I should get the visa and come but settle down and resume fully in winter

Answer: You may get a visa and the embassy might also ask you a letter from uni that you can start in winter semester.