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November 18, 2014

Job & Internship Resume

Job Experience & Intership Resume

Landing a Job Experience Resume & Internship with a Top-Notch Cover Letter

Some Job Letters & Internship opportunities don’t require a cover letter… and if that’s the case, it doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Writing this one page document can be a pain in the neck, but we’re here to change your mind about it. A cover letter is your stage to shine and a way to stand out amongst other intern applicants.

Let’s start by addressing the purpose of a cover letter. A cover letter shows employers that you understand the position and that you have a sincere interest in the internship. If properly written, the cover letter can show-off your personality and intrigue employers to call you for an interview.

Before you start writing, here are some rules to keep in mind:

The Do’s:

  • Keep it brief – no more than three paragraphs with a quick salutation.
  • Use professional language. Remember this is not an email to your buddy so refrain from abbreviations i.e., “info” also known as information should be spelled out.
  • Tell them why you want the internship. What struck you about the internship opportunity or the company itself?
  • Since space is limited in a resume, mention why you are perfect for the internship.If you are an Excel guru or Photoshop extraordinaire, share how you have applied these skills in a project at school.
  • If you are lacking certain skills that are required for the internship, tell the company why you would be the perfect fit and that you are willing to learn.

The Don’ts

  • Your letter should not be generic. Be sure to include the company name and if possible, some quick information about the company from their website. This shows that you are not mass emailing your cover letter and taking the time to cater it to a prospective employer.
  • Make sure it is not too long. Recruiters don’t have copious amounts of time so be sure to keep it succinct and focused.
  • Do not go on and on about yourself. You want to be sure to highlight how your skills will help the company. If you spot the word “I” more than ten times, then consider reviewing.
  • It should not be sent without proof reading! Be sure to catch any typos, misspellings, wrong use of punctuation, and grammar mistakes.
  • Instead of asking the reader to take action at their convenience, be proactive and avoid being passive. Here’s an example: I will follow up with you in the next few days to answer any preliminary questions you may have. In the meantime, you may email us at ( or Contact us on (+92 51 3475289716). 

A cover letter is your opportunity to make a good first impression so we encourage you to check out the articles below for more useful tips on how to write your cover letter. However, you can download the Job Experience & Internship Resumes for the given download link.

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